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Waste Recycling

P.B. Donoghue has recognised for some time that more needs to be done with our waste, that it is a potential resource to be used again rather than a problem that has to be buried and that by implementing environmentally friendly waste treatment processes it is not only helping the environment, but also it's customers to meet their corporate social responsibility and environmental commitments.

Here at P.B. Donoghue we have invested millions in developing our waste transfer stations to become material recycling facilities, and it is here we process and pre-treat all waste sending very little to landfill. Our current recycling rate on Mixed Construction waste is 99.54%

Over 40 years experience

The Donoghue family have served the Building and Construction industry for over 40 years. The rapid growth of the company bears testimony to the many good and loyal clients that have continued to favour us with their business. With an outstanding reputation, we are able to provide our customers with a unique range of services which include Skip hire, Roll On Roll Off Container hire, Tipper Hire, Grab Hire as well as the supply of aggregates, building materials and plant hire. All of our services can be provided throughout London and the Home Counties. 

What happens to your waste

All waste brought to our Waste Recycling Centres for disposal are weighed first and a weighbridge ticket is produced. The waste is then tipped, sorted/seperated and processed. We reprocess and recycle the following waste streams: Timber, metals, plasterboard, light plastics, heavy plastics, green waste, cardboard, paper, textiles, carpets, brick rubble, sanitary ware, roof tiles / slates, concrete, glass, soils and stone.

Site Waste Management Plans

Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs) are now a legal requirement for large construction projects, and a part of the SWMP is to make sure you know how and where your waste will be disposed of. If you are using contractors for waste disposal then you'll need to make sure they comply with all legal responsibilities.

  • Do they have a waste management license?
  • Are they a registered waste carrier?
  • If segregation on site is not viable will your waste be pre-treated, pre-sorted and most importantly recycled / reprocesssed?
  • How much waste has been produced, (volume and weight)?
  • And most importantly how much of the waste produced was recycled, reprocessed or sent to landfill?

Here at P.B. Donoghue we will assist with your SWMP's and provide you if required with a waste recycling report.

For more information about SWMPs, please see our Site Waste Management Plans page.