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About PB Donoghue

The P. B. Donoghue Skip Code

How to use your skip safely and ensure we can take away your waste

It is important that you follow these guidelines to ensure your own safety, and the safety of others. You must not fill your skip with any of the materials on the exclusions list. If you do have any of these materials we can organise alternative disposal.

If you have any problems with your skip at all, always contact us. Problems at weekends are more difficuilt to resolve than during the week so please bear this in mind.


Position of your skip

Please ensure that the agreed position of the skip is clear of any obstruction. The skip must not be moved from the position on site agreed by the customer and the P.B. Donoghue driver. You may also need a permit if you are planning to place your skip on the road. If you believe a council permit is required for the skip to be placed on a public road then please contact us on 020 8208 2211 to discuss further details.


Loading your skip

Skips must be level loaded and NOT overloaded. Not only can this prove a problem in pickup up the skip, it also poses a hazard to motorists and pedestrians, and is highly illegal. The correct way of loading is for the waste inside not to exceed the top of the walls of the skip, particularly if the waste os predominantly brick and rubble. For health and safety reasons, P.B. Donoghue reserve the right to "level" the waste on pickup up the skip if it is deemed unsuitable for transit.


The Exclusions List

You must ensure that you do not put any materials in the exclusions list in your skip.

Plasterboard, Gypsum waste, Asbestos, Computer Monitor, Televisions, Full paint cans, Aerosols, Gas canisters, Tyres, Fridges, Freezers

We are able to organise disposal for plasterboard, gypsum and asbestos. We can also accept Computer monitors, televisions, full paint cans, aerosols, gas canisters, tyres, fridges and freezers at additional cost.

To arrange plasterboard / gypsum / asbestos disposal please contact us on 020 8208 2211.