Recycling Icons

♻ In our quest for a more sustainable and eco-friendly world, recycling plays a crucial role in reducing environmental impact.

⚠ One of the key elements in the recycling process is understanding the various recycling icons that adorn our everyday products. These icons communicate essential information about a product's recyclability and guide consumers in making environmentally conscious choices.

👀 Recycling icons are visual symbols placed on product packaging to indicate the materials used and whether they are recyclable.

To find out more and test your knowledge:

1) Recycle (This item can be recycled into new packaging/products).

2) Don't Recycle. (Do not mix this item with other recyclable products).

3) Recycle and Rinse (i.e. rinse yoghurt pots or soup tins, so product residue doesn’t contaminate other materials).

4) Recycle, Rinse and Lid On (Secure the lid back on the bottle to help it to be recycled).

5) Mobius Loop (This signifies that the product or packaging material is recyclable. However, this symbol doesn't guarantee that the item is accepted in your local recycling centre. Always check).

6) Plastic Resin Codes
(Mobius loop with identifying numbers - 1 - PET, used for drinks bottles and some food packaging: Widely recycled, 2 - HDPE, used for cleaning product bottles, milk cartons, etc: Widely recycled, 3 - PVC, used for car parts, window fittings, etc: Not easily recyclable, 4 - LDPE, used for plastic bags and wrapping, etc: Recycle at specialist points, 5 - PP, used for some tubs and trays etc: Widely recycled, 6 - PS, used for takeaway boxes, disposable cutlery, etc: Not easily recyclable, 7 - Other, used for crisp packets, rice packets etc: Recycle at specialist points)

7) Paper, Card & Wood (The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo identifies wood-based products from well-managed forests independently certified in accordance with the rules of the FSC.)

8) Tidyman (This symbol from Keep Britain Tidy. It doesn't relate to recycling)

9) The Green Dot (This symbol signifies that the producer has made a financial contribution towards the recovery and recycling of packaging in Europe.)

10) Home Compostable Packaging (This icon means it is suitable for composting at home).

11) Recyclable Aluminium ( ie. Aerosol cans etc.. this symbol indicates that the item is MADE from recyclable aluminium)

12) Compostable Packaging (Plastics that carry this symbol can be recycled with your garden waste through your local authority).

13) Waste Electricals ( Do not place electrical items in your waste bin. Electrical items can be recycled at Recycling Centres check with your local council).

14) Glass (Please dispose of glass bottles and jars in a bottle bank)

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